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Did You Say Exercise Or Accessorize?

Growing up I always played sport; I loved running; I trained with an Olympic swimming coach. It was all just part of who I was.

And then work and social life took over and exercising went by the wayside. Over the years I joined various gyms, but never got the serotonin hit everyone talked about, so I dropped that as well.

Fast forward a lotta lotta lotta years. 😩and now I realise just how important an exercise regime is.

Yes, many of us need to exercise to manage our weight etc but it really is about so much more than just weight.

As I am ageing, I can see exactly how important exercise is to almost every aspect of my life.

Amazing how it just hits us when we get to a certain age. Or is that just me??

I ended up hijacking my hairdresser’s beautiful Cavoodle and took him for walks. Win. Win. Win.

I now had a commitment to exercise.

I was getting my canine hit

I was really enjoying our walks through beautiful parkland

Mojo the cavoodle was getting oodles of exercise and fun.

It didn’t take long for this to become a habit, which I loved.

I strongly believe in being mindful i.e., in the moment, so I would not take a phone with me on my walks. I was walking. I was not talking.

And with that mindfulness came the answers to so many questions.

Sometimes our brain just needs time to breathe in order to come up with the solutions.

Whether it is:

❓ how to handle a serious problem

❓ looking for creative solutions in your business

❓ not knowing which path to take

I find the universe often delivers the answer when we stop our minds.

I am very aware now of how:

✔ my brain health benefits from exercise

✔ my creativity benefits from exercise

✔ my mood definitely benefits from exercise

I had not really noticed that last one until I missed a few days of my walking. Man, not a pretty sight.

Having a family history of dementia, I am aware of the research stressing exercise as a preventative measure.

So, I had many reasons to commit to this daily exercise.

The point is I had found a form of exercise that I really enjoyed, and I was not doing it just to lose weight.

This is what Exercise Right Week is all about.

Find your “right reason” to exercise and that will make it easier to commit to.

Perhaps you are doing it to maintain the energy to keep up with your kids or your grand-kids.

Perhaps you are doing it for your heart or your stress levels.

Whatever your WHY, focus on that and keep up the good work.

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