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What On Earth Do The Tony Awards Have To Do With Boosting My Creativity?

The Tonys, 🏆 were presented in NYC this week. Yes, it’s an American thing, yet it is quite an important symbol of humanity.

The Tony Awards celebrate the best performances in live theatre on Broadway.

So what, you might say. Well, theatre is important as it is reflective of the human condition.

Theatre can:

🎭 be a reflection of human experience by addressing universal themes such as love, loss, joy, conflict, and human relationships.

It provides a platform for us to witness and engage with different perspectives, emotions, and conflicts, helping us understand ourselves and others better.

🎭 evoke empathy and foster understanding among people. An audience can experience different perspectives by witnessing the struggles, triumphs, and vulnerabilities of characters on stage, they may not have otherwise considered.

🎭 tackle complex and thought-provoking subjects,

challenging our assumptions and beliefs.

🎭 be a catalyst for discussion, debate, and critical

thinking, stimulating dialogue, and encouraging

audiences to examine their own perspectives and


🎭 be cathartic. Experiencing a theatrical performance

can be an emotionally powerful experience.

It provides a safe space for

audiences to connect with their

own emotions and experiences.

The immediacy of live performances can elicit strong

emotional responses, enabling individuals to process

their own feelings and find solace or inspiration.

🎭 be a communal experience by bringing people

together in a shared physical space, where actors and

audience members interact in real-time. This collective experience fosters a sense of

belonging, unity, and shared humanity.

We discovered just how important this is during the

Covid lockdowns.

🎭 trigger our own creativity and imagination. The use of visual elements, costumes, lighting, music,

and stagecraft sparks the imagination and transports

audiences to different worlds.

Theatre encourages us to embrace our own creativity and think outside the box. This creativity boost is an easy fix in a country like Australia. We are blessed to be surrounded by the best of the best.

Overall, theatre plays a vital role in the human condition by providing a platform for self-reflection, empathy, exploration, emotional release, community, and imagination.

emotions raised by theatre

It enriches our lives, broadens our perspectives, and deepens our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

No matter the nature of your occupation, creativity plays a crucial role in achieving success. Accountants and bookkeepers, for instance, rely on their creativity to tackle problems, while others employ their creative abilities to navigate challenging circumstances.

Regardless of the path you choose, it is essential to cultivate and embrace creativity as an integral aspect of your daily routine.

How do you nurture your creativity?

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