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I am a Sydney based communications specialist, trained to help you to communicate effectively with your target market.  After a 30 year career spanning travel, airline and hospitality industries, I was given the opportunity to follow my heart.


I have taken all the corporate communications and sales and marketing skills garnered while handling both B2B and B2C communication strategies for corporate, government and leisure industries and channeled them into my new role. 


Listening is important. Understanding what someone is saying is essential. A love of written communications and a desire to help people means I have now found my niche, and now I have somewhere productive to place that energy. 


I am a creative soul and just love the challenge of coming up with different ways to help you spread the word about what you do and why you do it so well.  


Formal Training

Advanced Diploma Advertising and Marketing

Diploma in Public Relations

Given the nature of my work, we don't even have to be on the same continent let alone in the same city!
No job too big
No job too small
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