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Feeling Blue In More Ways Than One On This Impossible Mission

Okay, so a #Blues win might, just might be mission impossible.

But that shouldn’t stop

you from hooking your

product into the event

everyone is talking about.

It really doesn’t matter what your product is, you can hook most into events happening around you.

Are you doing that?

If not why not?

Here are just a couple of examples for State of Origin.

A shoe retailer selling blue and maroon shoes.

They don’t even have to be colour specific, the fact that it is 🥶🧊❄ is a great opportunity to sell your leather shoes.

Because your leather shoes keep feet warm.

Or your blue wool socks…etc.

Property Investment options in QLD and NSW led to this graphic.

Even the local chiropractor gets a play 🏉

Hooking your product can be easy to do.

If you would like some guidance contact me for some complimentary tips.

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