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Maryanne's attention to detail, along with her ability to turn the latest headlines into a quirky graphic relating to our business was amazing. 

Now I understand why it is called "Social" Media and why it's important to employ somebody who knows how to get the most out of it."

Sandra Hart Robinson  Kingsgrove Shoe Warehouse

If you are looking for a quality content writer,
someone you can rely on and trust
with your vision -  then look no further.
Rebecca Star Zip In Speech Pathology

We have been working with MazzTHAT for several years now.


After Maryanne switched us on to digital platforms, our retail shoe business really picked up. Due to a culmination of events, we have now closed that business after 30+ years in operation, but I do know that if it weren't for the digital marketing Maryanne did for us, we would have had to close years earlier.

I was also amazed at how we ended up on closing. 


I had expected to be left with stock in the thousands. Thanks to Maryanne's efforts in digital advertising we ended up with less than 100 pairs."


Geoffrey Robinson for Caressa Imports P /L

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