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What is Your Everest?

a celebration of the natural wonder and the awe-inspiring men and women who have braved the climb.

It was on this day 69 years ago that Sir Edmund Hillary and his trusty sherpa Tenzing Norgay, reached the summit of Mount Everest. They were the first confirmed climbers to do so.

I have met Sir Edmund Hillary and remember he was a very tall man, but I doubt it was his height that got him to the top.

It was grit, determination, and lots of resilience. Why did he and Norgay make it when so many before did not?

Well that question I am sure has been discussed time and time again and will continue to be debated well into the future.

The great achievers achieve great things because they believe they can.

They ignore those who say they can’t.

By focusing on their strengths and what

needs to be done to achieve their

goals they tread the path to victory.

This attitude can apply to any of us in anything we try to do.

No doubt greats like Sir Edmund use that focus in all aspects of their lives.

Hillary himself said “I think the most worthwhile things I’ve done have not been on the mountains or in the Antarctic, but doing projects with my friends, the Sherpa people. The twenty-seven schools we’ve now established, the hospitals – those are the things I would like to be remembered for.”

It is about making a decision and following through on what needs to be done to get there.

So what’s your Everest and what will you do to conquer it?

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