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When creating your graphics for social media platforms, use captions to link your product to the image. Here are some examples of how to do that. 
Remember the intent is to sell the end result | emotion.

Below are some e.g's of content
created for a range of businesses.

YAY! Freedom Day is nigh!

No doubt you have kept in contact with your customers over this never-ending lock-down.

But have you given them enough incentive to choose YOU over your competitor, as their first shopping port of call?

Get them excited - NOW!


This Valentine's Day, you don’t have to own a restaurant, sell jewellery, chocolates, or flowers to jump on that bandwagon.

You can hook most products into a "special day" conversation.

I have whipped up a few examples for you here

So service providers get creative and join the conversation.

#valentinesday2022 #SpecialContent #copywritingservices

Live your best life❣
You have worked hard to get where you are. 😊
But you still want to ensure you will be okay in your later years. 👵🏻
Right now, you really should be investing in something that works for you while you are still working 💰, and long after you have stopped. 🤔

When looking for an investment that will allow you to continue to live your best life💲 why not consider investing your hard-earned money in property⁉ 🏘🏚🏠
It is easier than you think and possible for most. 👏🏻...........

Why Go It Alone

When There Is A Team Waiting To Help You?

Deciding to buy an investment property might seem easy for some.
It’s what comes after that decision that can be hard.
There really is so much to consider and this is where an effective property advisor can guide you through all the processes and save you a lot of tears and heartache.
An effective advisor:
takes the time to know YOU and what will work for your current situation
will translate the jargon into simple English and make the complex issues understandable
clearly state the risks as well as the rewards
will show you just how much is involved in the running of an investment property
will guide you to experts who can handle the above
provides you with options
Why not have a look at our webinar to see how helpful experts in various areas of property investment can be?

e.g. of content creation
       for Health professionals

An Insta|Facebook story post for Chiropractic Adjustment.

"Tis the season to #saveyourback. With many of us so time poor, we tend to leave things like #christmasshopping to the last minute, which means LOTS of shopping! There are some very simple tips you can use to ensure your back doesn't overdo it during the #festiveseason. Why not call in and get an adjustment to help you over this stressful time of year. 9953 9942

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