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No parent should have to choose between sending a child to school or providing other basic needs.

Help them help themselves with #childsponsorship.

You can make a huge difference and stop the poverty cycle now.

See link in bio for details.

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Facebook post

Did you know that approximately 785 million people in the world still lack safe drinking water? In 2022!

That is just not right. 😢

Find out what you can do to help  🏹 

The link would then go to the website where the following copy would be

Approximately 785 million people in the world still lack safe drinking water. In 2022!

Yes it is unbelievable!  And we think it is unacceptable.

You can make a huge difference to the lives of those still trying to survive on dirty, contaminated water.

For a donation of just $70 a clean water supply can be established in one village in Africa.

Not to diminish your contribution but many of us can part with $70 without it causing a major impact on our lives.

Yet the impact it would have on the lives of those in need would be truly life-changing.

Why not be part of the solution by completing your details in the form below.



** experts suggest the best engagement on Facebook post is garnered by limiting the words in your post, and then providing further information on the website page you direct them to.

This is also boosting the links to your website which makes Google happy.  And if Google is happy !!!!!


I have obviously just made up the use of the $70, as people do like to know exactly what can be done with their donation.


Subject:  Are you stuck for gift ideas? A goat is a wonderful gift!

Social conscience is not just a buzz word.

It is something many people and businesses are trying to cultivate in those around them.

So, what could be more perfect than giving the gift of a goat for your loved one who has everything? 🐐

Just $45 will buy a goat for those who have nothing.  It is a small steppingstone for desperately poor communities to try to become self-sufficient.

Well self-sufficient in that they have the freedom to send their children off to school; instead of having them search through garbage for “valuable” finds to sell.

The goat is the gift which keeps on giving as its long term benefits can greatly transform the lives of a family living in poverty.

No, you do not need to send the goat yourself, we take care of that. 😊

All you need to do is go to and choose which gift you would like to give a community in the name of your loved one or friend.

We will then send you a card or e-card for you to give as your gift.

Oh and if you’re not into goats we have chickens and cows and Fruit and Veggie Seeds and the list goes on and on.

And think about the conversations this action will start amongst friends and family!

It will be life-changing, for all involved.

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